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The Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg grill has terrific versatility, causing it to be the most amazing grill you can purchase. The Big Green Egg is a ceramic “kamado” style grill that utilizes solid ceramic walls to sustain level temperature, prevent your food from drying out and expend less fuel while grilling.  The unusual design of the Big Green Egg enables you to use your ceramic cooker as a normal barbecue, a slow smoker, or even an outdoor oven. 

The design of the Big Green Egg allows you grill at temperatures up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it effortless to grill incredible steaks, pork chops, or hamburgers. In addition, the dome shape of the Big Green Egg maintains moisture excellently, allowing you to simply cook fish without drying it out. You can also cook phenomenal vegetables on the Big Green Egg by utilizing a perforated grid top. The finest attribute of the Big Green Egg is its capacity to reach exceptionally high temperatures, allowing you to copy the traditional “steak house” searing technique. The Big Green Egg will, without a doubt, turn out some of the most amazing steaks you’ve ever eaten. 

The Big Green Egg can also be used as a slow smoker. By using the Plate Setter accessory to create an indirect heating source and almost completely closing the draft doors to regulate the fire’s oxygen supply, the Big Green Egg can slow smoke at temperatures as low as 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The Big Green Egg is excellent at smoking turkeys, pork shoulders, and even beef brisket. The excellent design of the Big Green Egg and the heat retention of the ceramic walls afford improved fuel efficiency than a normal grill. With the Big Green Egg you can grill for over 17 hours straight without lifting the lid or replenishing the fuel or relighting the fire. 

There are several Big Green Egg accessories you can purchase to improve your grilling experience. Utilizing the Plate Setter to produce an indirect heat source and letting the fire get to higher temperatures, the Big Green Egg becomes a wonderful outdoor oven. Bake bread, pies, and casseroles simply and feel good knowing that they won’t dry out on the grill. You can utilize a pizza stone to bake pizzas that rival any brick oven style restaurant. 

The remarkable versatility of the Big Green Egg even allows you to barbecue during the winter! There aren’t many other grills that can make that statement. Simply put, the Big Green Egg is the one barbecue that can do it all; grill, smoke, and bake. If you are contemplating buying a new barbecue you should earnestly consider the Big Green Egg.